Starting a WordPress Blog in Nigeria: a DIY Guide

Starting a Nigeria blog
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Have you ever dream of starting a Nigeria WordPress blog or a DIY(Do it yourself) guide to get your blog running in Nigeria on wordpress?

Whether you like to share your everyday wordpress tips like i do or sell a product in Nigeria or probably somethings else.

Here’s a side story to how I started my first Nigeria blog!

Growing up, I had dreams of becoming a potential Nigerian Blogger and writer, I always wondered how it’s like being an influencer and a Nigerian writer. I would sit down and just start writing, it was like a hubby to me.

I wanted to share great ideas that i wrote to help solve peoples problem, I was told i needed an Online Journal to do so which was by far the cheapest.

Starting a Nigerian blog back then was way too difficult, you had to hire a Local website designer to build up one, but the down line is you had to pay a huge sum of money to get the work done.

You already know how costly things can get when you get a Nigerian Website designer to help you out.

I guess you are probably in the same shoes like me back then.

Now I’m grown up with the help of friends and Nigerian top influencers and personal research, I was able to build my first blog

When I tell my friends in Nigeria how I earn money through my WordPress blog, Question I’m usually asked are “Can I start my own Nigeria WordPress blog“, “How did you start blogging“.

Of course you can always start up a blog, its not that difficult.

The question that caught my eyes most was “I want to start blogging in Nigeria with WordPress, how do I go about it“. Probably that’s a question you too would like to ask

I wrote this Guide to help you

When it comes to starting a blog, Nigerian to be precise, there are many platforms (CMS) available to start your blog, in the likes of wordpress, blogger, Wix etc.

I prefer WordPress and that’s what I’m currently using.

The cool thing about WordPress blogs is you can make it whatsoever you want it to be.

Be it a personal blog or an E-commerce site that represents your physical store. You can build it up with word press.

I absolutely recommend you to start a WordPress blog, Its totally easy!

In this guide on how to start a blog in Nigeria, I promise to keep it simple and very easy to understand.

What does blog really mean?

Have you considered trying to know what a blog really mean? What usually comes to your mind?

What does blog really mean
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It will be unfair if I don’t explain what a blog mean?

There are so many concepts to the word “blogging

Neil Patel a famous Marketing Expert in his blog describes Blogging as a long term relationship.

Adesoji Adegbulu a Guest Post writer of Shoutmeloud describes blogging as a means of solving real life problems.

A blog is a website where we interact with people, share ideas to make impact in peoples life.

Getting Ready to Start Blogging in Nigeria with WordPress

Let’s not be too hasty! There are things you need to consider before starting your Nigeria blog.

Everyone passed through this! Take your time and read.

Discover your Niche

It all comes down to Niche Planning, when you blog with wordpress! What does it mean anyway?

Niche is the backbone on where your blog post lies! This is where you measure your centre of discussion that you would share through your blog post.

Some people have a clear vision of what they want to blog about. In my experience, though, most people don’t know what to pick!

Whatever your reason for starting a Nigeria blog, you need to be specific on what you’d be sharing on your blog.

When it comes to choosing a blog topic, just pick something that you’re interested in!

You may not be an expert on the topic (yet), but select something that you won’t get bored learning about.

Here’s a list of broad topics to get you thinking

  • Entertainment
  • Personal
  • Tips
  • Cooking Recipes
  • Education
  • Politics

There are various topics you can write about, its a matter of Choice.

Know your Idea WordPress Readers

Knowing who is going to be reading your blog is a head start and your starting point in blogging.

For instance Whytetips is a tips blog for Nigeria starters who aspires to take their blogging career forward.

Do I expect someone who wants to learn how to cook to come to my blog to learn how to cook?

Definitely answer is NO!

Let’s take for example I am writing an article on how to be a good Mother

People I expect to read the article (idea readers) is Family, Friends.

Hope you got the Logic!

Adding Value to your Readers Life

Your blog must add value to your readers live. This is the only way you get Good returning visitors to your blog.

I like explaining things so I’ll give an example for better understanding

Whytetips is a blog for beginners who wants to learn how to blog.

You probably wouldn’t be here if you find out anything different from that.

Your simply here because you want to improve your knowledge, you can see that it’s actually making impact in your life.

Be Original

Your blog must define who you are. Yes there are other n blogs around who writes same articles with what you write. The Question is “Why is my blog different?”

Answer is because of you, it is about your prospective and creativity.

I see blogs who try to imitate others, because of the way they write, how they approach people, it’s not right!

Your blog is Like a second “YOU” manage it the way you would in your normal day life.

Don’t imitate others

Avoid Boring Topics

Boring Topics! Nothing scares me more than this.

Do you enjoy reading something that is boring!

Definitely No

Write contents that makes people wanna keep coming back and share most of the articles with your friends.

Starting Your Nigerian WordPress Blog

Choose a Host

The first step to starting your blog is to pick a host.

A Host is like a company that houses your blog online allows it to be seen by your readers.

When I started out in the blogging world, I always assume purchasing a hosting online for my dream blog would be expensive.

You will never know what it cost if you don’t check it out

When I decide to go try it out. I discovered it was much more affordable.

When a friend tip me to buy a host, i found out it wasnt as expensive as i thought. it was pretty affordable.

There are so many Hosing Company online, you can pick from ie Blue Host, Qservers, Whogohost and lots more.

If you are just starting out a blog today, I prefer you purchase a Nigeria hosting plan from “Qserver

Here’s reason why I choose Qservers

You may ask why do i say so

  • Qservers offers automatic wordpress installation included with the cost of your hosting plans.
  • They have the great reputation for customer service
  • When you purchase a hosting plan, you get a free Let’s Encrypt feature which helps secure you readers activities.
  • Their hosting plan is super cheap to purchase.
  • You get a free domain for whichever hosting plan you choose.

Now You See starting your blog using Qserver for your hosting is a perfect pick for you.

there’s something I love about Qserver, but I have to wait a bit until I tell you about it!

Okay! Are you ready to get started?

Follow this quick tips guide and you can get your beautiful dream word press blog running.

Before we begin, the best way to follow this tips guide is to also do it with me!

So click over to Qservers right now and follow along.

Qservers Homepage
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When you are on Qservers Home page, Click on View Packages.

There you see many options for you to pick from, each has different features.

Qservers Webhosting plans
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If you want the best performance for your WordPress site – or if you think you’re going to have more than one website (which you eventually will…making new sites is so addicting) – choose the Business plan with included free domain.

This is the plan I use, and i would say its pretty cheap – starting at N650 a month!

It comes with more space and resources, as well as a free Let’s Encrypt Software I talked about earlier. (Can you tell I love the Let’s Encrypt Software? Be honest, don’t love knowing fully well that your visitors are fully protected?)

If you’re a new blogger and probably dont have enough money but you just want to get your new blog up and running, the Starter plan is okay and it starts at only N350/month.

Qservers Pack
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This plan is okay for you beginners to start with and with time you can as well upgrade to a higher one.

Scroll down a bit and Click on the Order Today button for any of the plans. This will take you to the next step

Choose a Domain Name for your WordPress Blog

A domain name is the web address people type in to get to your blog.

It’s also what will set your brand apart from others. So, when someone thinks of your site’s name, it should represent your brand. As I stated already

For instance, the domain name for this blog is

Lets Move on!

When you get to this page page, you register a new domain

Register domain on qservers
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Type in your website’s name, and it will check if it’s available. You can pick your domain extension like .com, .org, .net, but I highly suggest you stick with .com since it’s easier to brand and remember.

If your website name is available, you can move

Setting up your Blog

Congrats! You made it this far… Now the next step covers acquiring your blog

Fill in your Account Details

Fill out your account and client information.

Next, fill out your payment and purchase information (make sure you pick the 12 month period (or longer) in order to get the 60% discount for the whole year).

At the bottom are a couple of Extra Services that you can choose to keep or not – they’re pretty self-explanatory so if you don’t need them, you’ll save a few money! At the bottom is your total for a year’s worth of hosting.

Below the title, make sure you click the box that you agree to the terms of service and then click Pay Now.

Congrats! You now have hosting for your WordPress blog!

Easy right?

Now you just need to install WordPress and start getting creative with those thoughts in your head and designs for your new blog.

But wait, remember when I told you there was one more awesome feature that I like about Qserver?

Well, if you’re a total wreck when it comes to tech (like me) then the tech team at Qservers can set it up for you!

Install WordPress

If you want to configure WordPress yourself, you can totally do it – it’s easy too!

First, got to the My Accounts tab and click on Go to cPanel.

Scroll down a bit till you find Softaculous

Click WordPress and then Install

After install, fill in the information in the next screen.

  • Choose Protocol – generally keep it the same – http://
  • Choose Domain – choose your domain name from the choices in the drop-down menu – but, most likely the first choice you see is the one you want.
  • In Directory – unless you know you want this, leave it blankSite Name – This is the name of your site you picked out earlier. You can change this later.
  • Site Description – A brief description of what your site is about, or you can leave this blank. Again, you can change this later.
  • Admin Username – This will be the name you use to log into your WordPress blog (or you can always use email address here)
  • Admin Password – This is the password to access your WordPress backend (your blog’s dashboard). Choose a strong, but easy-to-remember, password.
  • Admin email – Enter your email address

Click Install and there ya go!

You did it! Now, you can log in with your username (or email) and password!

Congratulations again, Now you have your dream blog and i know you cant wait to start publishing your ideas


In today’s digital world, Blogging is a necessity.

Starting a Nigerian blog is not so difficult as I have elaborated.

Following this guide, I’d love to see your Dream blog.

I want to hear from you!

When you set up your blog tell me about it and make sure to give me your link! Email me or leave a comment or find me on Facebook!

Hi, I'm Henry Obilor, founder of WhyteTips. Whytetps is a knowledge driven hub aim at guiding bloggers to start, grow and scale their blogs to profitable businesses. We provide actionable tips to help you leave a boss free life.

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  4. Niche is always been important where ever the person blogs in. Whether it could be Nigeria, or anywhere else.

    I always prefer WordPress for all my blogs. It makes life so easier, as I don’t have to code everything from scratch. All thanks to the WordPress repository to be filled with thousands of plugins.

    Other than a good hosting will keep you sorted of all the Speed Optimization and Security Elements.
    Awesome Blog Post!

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