#1 RankMath SEO Review: Best SEO Plugin Online + It’s Free

Rankmath Seo Plugin Review
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Rankmath SEO is recognized as one of the most popular WordPress plugins recently. It is also one of the best SEO plugin for WordPress powered websites.

In this rankmath SEO Review, we will take a look at the features and performance of the plugin.

While new blogs are being created everyday, it’s sad to say competition among us arises online.

Millions of Website compete to stay at the top position in search results (with you ontop.. More traffic for you)

In other to stay on top of search engine results, there are important measures you have to follow to achieve. Theres much value to it.

I’ll break it down a bit for better understanding.

It is taught and practiced worldwide that you make sure you optimize your page properly so that Google or any search engine can crawl your site easily.

If properly Optimized, More traffic for you.. Who wouldn’t want that.

This begs the question and it’s right on Every serious entrepreneurs lips, “How do I optimize my Website, so I can get this Search traffic and dominate first page“.

Optimizing a page or a website can be terrifying if your just starting out.

Optimizing Pages follow some basic procedures. Here’s a guide to Optimize your post Manually.

Here’s a secret!

You don’t really need to start stressing yourself optimizing your website and content.

There are wonderful SEO Plugins that help ease the process for you.

Wouldn’t you love that!

Still on my topic “Best SEO Plugin Online” and yes it’s my review

I’ll answer that in this review, and by the end of my review on Rankmaths SEO Plugin, and you will be well informed whether to use it or not?

Rank maths comes with lots and tons of beautiful features to provide you with all round and best optimization for your website visibility.

When I advice to go with rankmaths, Ive used it and it’s a great plugin for optimization.

What more do you need from a plugin that has built in Content Analysis, Optimize Meta keywords, setting up a meta description, creating and managing sitemap, Provides eyesore of how your post looks like in Social media when shared, Provides rich snippets and it comes with a Free site audit, that let you scan your site and know what’s lacking and much more to come.

Having said that, let’s dig deep to Know what rank maths is, what it does, it’s features plus amazing features rankmaths plugin can provide useful with.

What is Rankmath SEO – (Rankmaths Review)

Rank maths SEO is a wordpress based SEO Plugin which helps and assist you optimize your page, blog post, website in general for Search Engine (Google, bing, Baidu etc)

SEO plugins helps in faster crawling and indexing for Search Engine.

If you published a post and there is no way for Search bots. You loose traffic and your article may just go down the lane without any beneficial results.

I trust you don’t want that.

Rankmaths has been downloaded more than 20 million times since its very first launch because of its uniqueness.

I’ve used this plugin for a very long time so I make no mistake when I said its best SEO Plugin out there.

Why do I need Rankmaths SEO Plugin – (Rankmath Review)

I mentioned earlier that more than 20 million users has downloaded and is currently using this rankmaths plugin.

They use it cause it’s very useful as they plan to scale their content higher to get it across the world for others read some to gain traffic for money making purposes.

To Frank, have you ever wondered why when we make search queries, we see some new blog out ranking famous blogs in search results?

The truth is that It ranks higher than those popular site because they optimize the site perfectly well that Search engine can crawl and index the page clearly.

With easier crawling they can’t help but have their site or blogs show up in Search Results.

Wouldn’t you like your blog to be among those site showing up in Search results.

It all lies in Optimization.

Optimizing a page or website properly isn’t that difficult, but the downline is we can easily slip steps or process for optimizing pages, which can spoil the whole process.

That is where an SEO plugin like Rankmaths comes into play.

Rankmaths plugin makes sure all Optimizing checklist are checked and makes sure nothing is left out.

It’s so powerful that it tells when your content is rightly optimized and if it’s not it’s tells too.

This SEO plugin has really helped me a great deal, to the extent I can’t imagine a life without an SEO Plugin like Rankmaths.

Rankmath SEO plugin Installation Process

First thing you have to know about Rankmaths is it’s installation process.

It’s really not difficult, it’s somewhat similar to installing other plugin.

Still on my rankmaths Seo plugin review, Let’s quickly have a look of how to install Rankmaths Plugin properly.

Step 1: Locate the Plugin Area (Left hand side, at the wordpress dashboard and click add new.

At the Search box, make a search with rankmaths as a keyword.

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Installing Rankmath

Step 2: Once Rankmaths plugin has been located, all you have to do is click INSTALL. yeah go ahead and click that.

Once it’s installed, you need to activate it to make it start functioning.

Being installed does not mean it’s working already, its just been downloaded to your server. Activating it brings it live. Go ahead and activate that.

Step 3: Once activated, here comes the main settings. I call it configurations.

What I love about rankmaths is, it has made it super easy to configure it, following what’s on your screen.

You just need to run the step up wizard and follow it step by step.

Choose what’s most suitable for you.

Features of Rankmaths SEO Plugin

Rankmaths comes with amazing out of the box features like I mentioned earlier.

most of its new features are great, in a way some plugin functionality was added to it.

You literally need to delete such plugin as they are now in built in rankmaths plugin.

For example Rankmaths offers a typical 301 redirect that let’s you easily redirect old URLs to new URLs.

You don’t need any other plugin to do redirect again. Plus rank math just save a space for you, you just need to delete that.

As we already know too much plugin kills our blog load time and speed

rankmath review infographics
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There are more features available and we will talk about it.

Google Webmaster Stats Integration

This is one part that interest me the most – the fact of checking my daily traffic statistics (stats) and checking what keywords we rank etc.

This is where we go everyday to see if there are some progress on our blog.

Wheres that someone might ask.

Answer is Google Webmaster Console.

Normally in order to check activities on our site, we need to hover over to their site.

This SEO Plugin has made it easier for us to check performance right from your dashboard.

With this feature you can check what keywords you rank for, get a detailed graph in how your traffic is generated.

XML Sitemap Configurations

XML are data that aids faster crawling.

XML helps search engines locate and index your content faster.

Think of it this way. Once you publish new content, when your sitemap been set. it automatically pings Google Search or any search engine that new contents been created.

Creating Sitemap for your site can be very difficult at times, most times if successfully created you may start finding little problems.

You wouldn’t want anything to alter your traffic. would you.

Rankmath takes the burden of stressing yourself over creating sitemap. Just one click and your sitemap all set.

Rich Snippets Support

You seem some search results that has tiny piece of stars below URL, that’s rich snippets.

They are extra information added to search engine.

Rich snippets provides extra information about your site Contents to search engine.

With Rankmath you can set up one.

SEO Analysis Tool

I love this feature so much.

You probably have apply some knowledge about seo to improve your site to gain visibility, quite good.

but how sure are you you didn’t missed a step.

This feature provides you with a detailed audit to which part you need to fix regarding onpage.

Local SEO Optimization

Rank Math also supports Local SEO you can quickly add your business details and get some extra traffic with local SEO.

It helps in getting your site ranking locally.

Monitor 404 Pages – Non existing Pages

Whenever you delete a page (or post) from your site, you also delete one or more URLs. That old URL, when visited, will usually return a ‘404 not found’ error, which is not the best thing for Google or your users.

It affects site ranking negatively, and you wouldn’t want that.

How do you solve those, you simply redirect those broken links to new ones.

Now you can’t redirect a URL you don’t know which is resulting as 404.

Thanks to Rankmaths they integrated 404 monitor to help keep us inform of broken links on our website.

Redirect Manager

Rankmaths comes with a redirect manager so you can fix crawl URLs (broken URLs caused by changing permalinks, deleting pages, etc). Many websites often have 100s of these.

it helps in redirecting 404 URLs( pages that dont exist know the blog) to new URLs.


It’s much easier practicing seo knowing that you have a tool that cross examines your effort.

The team behind rankmath are doing a wonderful work in making the plugins stand out from other seo plugins.

I forgot to mention it’s totally free.

Do you need help in gaining visibility for your blog, you should probably try out this plugin.

I’m sure you will love it!

Have you used this plugin before, tell us about it in the comments section below.

#1 RankMath SEO Review: Best SEO Plugin Online + It’s Free
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Rankmath SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins ever. It is also one of the best SEO plugin for WordPress powered websites. In this rankmath SEO Review, we will take a look at the features and performance of the plugin.

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