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Do you think you can stay away from social media? Can’t even imagine right?

Social media marketing services media helps to maintain connections with your favorite people or targeted audience when it comes to business.

Having a social media page for your business has become very important today.

This is because customers are highly savvier and more judicious about businesses they appreciate.

Prior to making a decision, they will quickly browse your website and social media.

Social media platforms have helped to connect the companies with their customers. Therefore, instead of calling a customer service line, many customers express their problems or queries over Facebook or Twitter.

Another benefit of social media is that it helps to increase your website traffic.

It also helps you to get information and a better understanding of your industry. Significantly, it helps to build your brand too.

There is a continuous evolvement of social channels which leads to release of new features, and this rapidly changing environment can be threatening for some business owners.

Therefore, there are several digital marketing agencies such as Rankraft that take a step towards you to help manage the social media marketing for your business.

Being one of the best digital marketing agencies, Rankraft helps businesses to create their online presence via digital marketing.

You will find all types of digital marketing services such as affordable SEO services, content writing, social media marketing, paid ad campaign, link building, graphic designing, web analytics and URL shortener with them.

Their team is high creative and intelligent not only in terms of designing but also the content. They take the complete responsibility of managing the digital marketing for your project.

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Rankraft focuses on the top 4 social media platform marketing – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Their social media marketing is divided into two types- Social Media Optimization and Social Media Promotion.

Social Media Optimization

It’s not important that since you are a businessman or social media addict, you will know the way of designing the posts or have time to do the same.

Therefore, Rankraft offers social media optimization service in which their team creates banners, relevant posts and messages that represent your products.

The posts created by their designers are not only designed with unique ideas but also they use relevant images for each new post. Everything related to content such as blogs, articles, posts, etc. will be their responsibility.

Social Media Promotion

You have the skills of designing your own posts for social media and can write creative descriptions then you can manage it on your own.

You just submit your posts and designs to them and they will publish those to your relevant audience.

This will help to generate sales for your business. Your brand gets popular via social media promotion. Additionally, this also helps to drive more traffic to your website ultimately increasing your business profit.

Steps Followed by Rankraft for Social Media Marketing

Discussion About Project: It all starts with the discussion about your project. They will have short discussion with you about your project and also understand if there is scope of improvement and redesigning.

In case, you want to build your website from scratch then they will surely discuss about it with you. This meet up with you will help them find your way of working so that they can decide their way to do it. This keeps both the parties on the same page.

Research: A complete research is done about your social media campaign prior to starting it.

Your niche is studies and all the important information is collected. Then the latest and relevant updates about your niche are noted down to keep your project updated when launching it.

Your company’s goals as well as the vision and mission are reviewed to find out the internal and external content.

Content Creation: When they have collected enough material from their research, your content creation process gets started. After the plan gets ready, they work on it accordingly. In content creation they write phrases, create posts and descriptions as well as create infographics, if needed.

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Approval: The complete work such as the content and posts are shared with you. This gives you an idea about its appearance on the digital platform. After you approve them, they will proceed with their next step.

Content Sharing: Then they share the content on different social media platforms among the relevant and interested audience.

Analyze the Result: When they launch your campaign and make the first 2-3 posts live, its working is monitored by their team after some days.

When this analysis is going on, the team checks for the interested audience, impressions, the click-through rate, etc.

Then the next post is designed to engage more people.

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Bottom Line

After going through this article, you might have learned the importance of social media marketing for your business.

So, don’t waste more time. Hire Rankraft for your social media marketing and start promoting your business on social media.

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