How to get TRAFFIC from Quora: Secret Sauce to 3x your Blog Traffic

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Quora is possibly the most exciting traffic driven Question and Answer platform in existence as of now as its taking over modern class forum.

If you’ve never used Quora before, this probably looks stupid to you.

Quora is known for having reputation of having annoying users and readers.

It’s been a home for silly questions and quora users are known to reacting harsh to such dumb questions

Everything has a bad side attached to it! Forgive me if i broke a trauma but that’s how I see it.

But Hey! Quora not really that bad although

Here’s a truth;

Quora is a pretty good source for generating thousands of recurring traffic and you can use It to grow organically, if you use it right

How possible is that?

While Quora looks pretty dumb and annoying for some users due to different scenario.

It so easy to use

A starter can easily understand the work flow of how it’s done.Its not too technical using it but you got to use your brain if you plan making it your #2 traffic source.

When I first started using quora, it made me so frustrated and sad.

However it didn’t last long for me to see its potentials.

Here’s a fact!

Quora has about 30 Million Unique Visitors and Users and I’ve raised million communities and that’s not all.

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Quora is all over the world and as such, getting traffic from different countries is a piece of cake. Here’s a proof

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One more thing. People don’t link our to things that are not meaningful but here people link to it because they deem it trust worthy.

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Fairly Good enough right?

Getting traffic from quora is not difficult as it seems.

Let me tell you a secret

It has a pattern it follows and what’s that?

I mentioned earlier that quora is a typical question and answer site.

So Here is the secret.

The more contributions you provide = More traffic to your site.

Let’s look how you can achieve this

What is Quora

Quora is a simple question and answer (Q&A) website. It’s like reddit but with a better user interface.

Quora has been a while now, it was started in 2009, analyzing from launch, it really has grown over time.

Do you know why I love Quora?

One reason I love Quora is, it’s simplicity and choice of interface.

You must not be a tech savvy person to know how it works, its so easy to learn and operate but you got to try it for couple of days to fully understand how it’s done.

I don’t want you to wait that long to understand it, so I’m going to tell you what you need to know to leverage the maximum power of quora now.

Before that let’s look why you need to start using quora.
Why you should use Quora

Not yet convinced to use quora or you need to be sure why you need to use it.

Our main motive is to show you how to generate traffic from quora but you need to know the extra benefits and features of using quora and how it helps grow our blog.

Let’s hop in
Quora advertises our brand

Weird! How does this advertise our brand? you probably may ask

Quora community is so vast and full of dedicated users who are ever ready to learn every possible solutions to their problems.

Every problems needs a solution, Don’t you think

Providing solutions/answers to these users questions that’s related to your niche industry helps build your brand.

If your answers solves that user problem, they give an upvote to your answers and will surely go check you up and may go extra miles to know about your blog learn new things.

Upvotes draws more readers to your answer and same goes looks you up.

Upvotes is like a badge telling others that your answers very useful.

Putting time and effort in answering a questions brings your brand closer to more quota users.
Quora gives you an eye opener about your target audience

As Marketers always says know your main target to get huge success.

To be frank Quora has helped me a great deal in understanding my audience better, what they love..

Quora does the works of online surveys, it’s an excellent means to learn every details about your core audience.
Quora helps in Content Ideas

Have you ever been a brain trauma!

You could not think of anything to write about to share to your readers. I’d say you felt so confused.

It happens many times.. I’m a witness of that.

Using quora you hardly find it out to find topics ideas to write about. Yeah that’s right

Every day new questions are asked by users, those questions are a good head start to write your next blog post.

You can always link out to your blog post you wrote about when writing similar answers to such questions. That’s an extra traffic for you.

How to get traffic from Quora

It’s been a long talk, it’s time to take action.

Now let’s get into it!

Set up the right profile

Quora is a community, like every other community, you need to have a profile.

Facebook for instance if you need to leverage the good stuff that facebook has to offer, you need to have a profile. Same applies to Quora.

It’s easy setting up a profile.

Here since we mean business you don’t need to create anyhow profile, you need to set up a right profile so people know what you really can do.

Setting a good profile helps a lot, your profile on quora speaks alot about you. that’s why you shouldn’t mess things up.

First you need to sign up.

Quora provides two ways to creating a profile.

You could sign-up by email or through facebook.

You just follow the steps to create a profile. Its so simple.

Once sign-up, you need to fill out your profile rightly.

How do you do that?

  • Write an epic biography of who you are and what you do.
  • Fill out important credentials to build trust.
  • You need to select broad ideas that you are interested in.
  • You need to pick topics you know about and can contribute when need for answers arises.

Writing an Epic Biography

Behind every person there is a short summary about that individual. It’s called biography.

It summarize the real You.

Biography speaks alot about you in your absence. Got that?

Here’s a thing when I see someone that answers a question, I go through his biography to know if I could rely on such answers or not.

When writing a biography, make sure you include all possible things you can do. So you can gain trust.

For example: You asked a question “How can I target quora users” and It happens two persons wrote a well detailed answer to my question. Quote okay

I decided to look them up on their profile and found out first person biograpghy is not appealing but the second person biography was in depth (made mention to be an SEO expert etc..)

Which answer would you likely prefer?

I bet the one that mentioned been an SEO Expert.

Your biography doesn’t have to be an entire article’s worth of words — just keep it short, straightforward, and impactful

Note: When writing your biography make use you include things or aspect your really good at.

Fill out Credentials

Credentials are your lifetime assets. If you were looking for jobs around your neighborhood hood you would carry your credentials with you right so you may be lucky to get the job.

It’s not different to this.

Putting your credentials makes you outstanding to other users.

You should not joke with this area.

Take your time to fill out every credentials, you will understand later on.

Solve problems

Once your profile is properly set up, your Quora feed will show the popular questions asked in the categories you’re subscribed to.

The feed also shows answers from the users who you follow and their subsequent feeds.

You can also go inside the categories and look for questions.

While selecting a question to answer, here is what you need to do:

  • Look for questions in your area of interest where you can provide value answers to the existing answers.
  • Comment on answers written by others.
  • Write on topics you know best.

Link back to your blog

You have finally composed an awesome in depth answer and ready to hit publish.. wait don’t publish yet

Go back, quick read the article make sure it’s all good yeah and include little link directing back to a blog post similar to that.

How do you do that?

There are different ways to shove links to your answers on quora community to drive traffic.

You could add a line with something like this: (Read also: Heading + blog link)

Or you could link organically by referencing some words on the answers itself.

Note: Since they let you link back to your blog, don’t go about spamming links, if caught you may be banned.

Write to be Featured on Quora

Imagine one answer you provided got featured on Quora, that’s is your answer gets to be viewed by billions of quora users, that’s life changing!

This may look to in depth or technical but you can, if you pursue it.

If you write an excellent answer, the Quora staff may pick it up to publish it on major media outlets. You can increase your odds by writing better content faster in niches frequently syndicated to publications and carefully watched by Quora’s media team.

To know what topics to contribute in, find someone with the phrase, “Quora Media and Publishing Team,” in their bio. From there, you can select the topics they follow to get an idea of where they’re looking for answers and whose work they enjoy to read.

The fastest way to find these writers is to dive into the answers of questions to do with Quora Publishing.

The Quora Publishing team looks for well-designed content for publications. I suggest using lists and staying away from complex words.

Furthermore, break your piece down into actionable steps by focusing on how-to content mixed with personal storytelling.


The more you write on Quora, the more value you’ll give. In the meantime, you’ll gain value as well.

And sure, Quora isn’t the place for shoving anything down anyone’s throat, but it’s still a valuable source of new blood for your site.

The way to succeed on Quora is the way to succeed with content marketing in general: Provide tons of value. If you do that, you won’t go wrong.

Have any tactics for getting traffic from quora, let us know in the comment box below!

Hi, I'm Henry Obilor, founder of WhyteTips. Whytetps is a knowledge driven hub aim at guiding bloggers to start, grow and scale their blogs to profitable businesses. We provide actionable tips to help you leave a boss free life.

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  1. Hello Henry,
    Great post indeed

    Quora is a great platform to build your brand reputation and increase traffic on your website.
    One thing I would live to mention that when you every comment or answer any question on Quora, try to solve the problem and keep your answer really simple.

    Another thing, never try to add your link forcefully, it can devalue your answer. Add only your relevant blog post link otherwise give any other blogs reference.

    Rest, you have did a really a good job.


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