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Learn from Brent Jacobs
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Learn from Brent Jacobs

Got to go back to the drawing board!

I’ve heard this phrase a couple of times in Movies! I know you’d say it’s bit of Old School slang.

Actually it’s more of a must do list.

Let’s quit nagging and go straight to the topic.

Its barely possible to succeed online, if you don’t follow the path the big guys did.

There are many successful entrepreneur out there who has done a great job in building a respectable business.

Yes they are icons. Cause they’ve proven to us by standing out.

In course of my outreach to most Successful business owners, I discovered they had strategies they test run to know which works and which doesn’t.

Frankly their research has made them a top figure and they can boldly boast of making 7 figures on monthly basis.

With that at hand, what else do they possibly wants!

Luckily for me, I was able to have a little chat with Brent Jacob

I thought it will be useful sharing this information with you.

Interview With Brent Jacobs an Seo Expert

Here is an Inspirational & Insightful conversation with Brent Jacobs. I hope you would take some motivation from him and build your brand.

Please introduce yourself, so my audience get to know you

Hi Henry, Thanks for having me at your blog Whytetips.

Basically, I was born and brought up in Belgium. I’m a rookie when it comes to helping out young people in what they need.

Thought you all should know I don’t have a Static Website for now but you can follow me on Facebook..names Brent Jacobs!

What tips can you recommend that you’d only share with a close friend (and everyone reading this blog)?

When you start with something don’t just jump on your passion – a lot of people do recommend to follow your passion.

I recommend you don’t – because you simply won’t have the data nor the experience to knock it out of the park, and your passion will eventually end up as being a broke hobby.

What are three hard-to-spot pitfalls that are critical to avoid?

  1. The first one are technical errors, technical errors can break your site in a lot of ways – and you wouldn’t be able to spot them unless you are trained to do so.
  2. The second one would be CRO when you don’t know about CRO you think your website looks just fine, while you might be missing out on a lot of traffic and sales
  3. The third one would be so called Gurus – They’ll fill your head with a lot of MAGICIAL ideas, and 99% of them don’t work. You won’t know it because none has proven them wrong, yet you might waste money as hiring a SEO expert can be expensive

Q. Your good in Scientific approach.. How expect us to key in to this manner of your approach

Well it is actually logical.

When someone claims something is working because they tried it on their website – it won’t necesserily mean it is working.

Because they did work on the website, so they really don’t have any idea on what is influencing the growth.

In order to determine something is working and to create your own secret sauce, you need to put time into testing things, don’t let guru’s tell you what to do… try those things for yourself.

Yea, the first year you might be broke – hell, I was broke for 2 years!

But then you’ll have gathered enough information to dominate the market.

Now, I am not saying you won’t make any money or anything like that – but in order to know something is working, you should try it at multiple indepentent fresh sources.

Final Words

First thing I need to say is, I am very much thankful to Brent Jacobs for sharing life changing tips and answering all my questions regarding blogging and life experiences.

To my readers, Brent Jacobs did a good job by explaining challenges he faced in his journey, it’s up to you now to top your game by taking actions.

If you find this interview helpful please share with friends, they too need to learn and in case you have any questions related to blogging, Please feel free to ask in comment section below.


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