How to use Google Keyword Planner to Find Low Competitive Keyword perfectly [New Guide]

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Google keyword planner is a free tool provided by Google which is one of the best free keyword tool to explore keyword ideas and easy to rank keywords.

People who cannot purchase premium tools can use this free tool to research and extract keyword ideas from this Google keyword planner.

So, “how to use the Google keyword planner” in the best way to explore the keyword ideas and to rank those keywords? But before that, you should know why keyword research is important for an article or any blog.

Keyword research is the essential process of SEO which will take the ranking factor to the next level. The only way to rank on the Google or any search engine page is keyword placement and focus keyword.

A lot of people focusing on Micro niche sites to make instant income. You can also use Google Keyword planner to find #1 Micro niche site ideas.

As Google changing its algorithm continuously, the number of ranking factors may differ in ranking, but the keyword research and keyword usage remains same.

A keyword is the search term you use to search on search engines. A keyword can be a short tail or long tail, and any keyword that has maximum three words will be the short tail keyword and the keyword which has more than three words, then that type of keyword is ‘Long-tail keyword’.

Google keyword planner is the best and free tool to find any keywords and here is the best way to use the Google keyword tool.

How to access Google Keyword Planner?

You cant Google Keyword Planner tool, if you cannot access it!

Here’s the question “How do I access Google Keyword Planner tool”

How to use Google Keyword Planner to Find better Keywords?

Open your account in Google keyword planner, or you can easily go to ‘AdWords,’ and then from the tools, you can select ‘keyword planner tool.’ This tool will give you the ideas and the keyword details according to your search. Before starting to use the tool you should prepare with your idea or a topic to extract the keywords from the tool.

Using Google Keyword Planner
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When you open the tool and the dashboard will look like the picture, and now you have to save the search volume and competition stats here.

Google keyword planner has only one disadvantage of hiding the exact search volume.

Next thing you have to do is, click on ‘Find new keywords.’ Generally, this process will take you to the AdWords setup, but before that, you can get the keywords from the tool.

Finding Keywords with Google Keyword Planner
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For example, we are working for the keyword ‘How to make money with blogging’, then you have to use this keyword to extract as it is already a long tail keyword, you can easily get keyword ideas. But for the short tail keywords, you have to take some time to pick the keyword.

Low Keywords with Google Keyword Planner
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You can see the average search volume range, but the exact search volume will be in between the range. Before analyzing any data and keyword report make sure that you have selected the “targeted country”.

This is the most important thing when you perform the keyword research, and this is the first thing you should keep in mind.

If you don’t know how to set the targeted country then select the option at the top left corner of the screen to select the location you are going to target. Here, you can select the location to target.

The targeted country will give better analytics and CPC to get started. You can select more than one country to target as we selected the US, UK, UAE, and Australia.

GKP Settings
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The next thing is average monthly searches, and if you are looking for high search volume keywords, then you should check the competition of keyword. If you have a new blog or website, then it’s better to target on low competition keywords.

Try to avoid medium competitive keywords and never touch the high competitive keywords. The low-level competition will have less search volume than high competitive keywords, and if you target the low competitive keywords you will rank soon and then once your website is SEO friendly, go with the high search volume keywords.

Competition: This is where you can see the competition to your keyword in-terms of the country you selected. The less competition a keyword has, the more the possibility of ranking a keyword. Always try to choose the low-level competitive keywords where fewer people work and by following some tactics, you can easily rank your keyword.

The average time it will take to rank for the highly competitive keywords is ‘NEVER.’

CPC: Cost per click plays the major role in revenue, if you choose the high CPC keyword with the low competition, then you can rank and as well as you can increase your AdSense revenue. From the picture, the total bid will work as CPC and the higher bid you see, the higher CPC you may get to the keyword. Both the level and high-level range of total bids work as CPC.

Filter: The process where the entire keyword research process make easy to find the exact keyword and the search volume. If you like to make the search report easy, you can filter in the level of competition, Bid (CPC), and Average monthly searches. This filter will make the report and comfortable, and you can quickly pick the keyword.

Low keywords Settings
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Try to filter the things as, by setting competition low, and if you are confused about the targeted country, then I recommend to choose the United States, UK, and UAE for better CPC. Select the total page bid to minimum $1 as CPC which will be better for your ad Revenue.

Choosing the best keyword will give better results to your blog. Google keyword planner is a tool that makes super strength to the new bloggers. Most of the pro blogger follow and use this tool as the tool is free to use.

If you want to find exact keyword search metrics, then you have to use the premium tools like Ahrefs, KWFinder or SEMrush. Google keyword planner is a high competitor to these premium tools, and if you know how to use it correctly then, you can do miracles in choosing the keywords.


This is how you can use the Google keyword planner to find the reliable and better keywords for your blog topic and to rank better. Pick the best keyword which has high search volume with low competition and then work on ‘On-page optimization’ to rank your page on Google’s first page

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