Don’t Give up blogging yet! Do this instead

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It’s awesome your having a blog and you are looking to make an income for yourself, you post on a regular basis to keep up with the competition and still not making cash nor getting noticed online.

I know you’ve probably thought about giving up on your blog and try something else.

Believe me I totally understand how you feel!

I have three words for you “Don’t give up”

If I could still keep up and maintain my blog, you can too

Leverage this strategies and it will sure skyrocket your blog to the top.

Every blog has a history to how it all started. Mine was one of a trauma I’ll never forget.

Let me tell you about my situation and problem a while ago when I just started my blog, you’d know you aren’t facing it alone.

I am also doing the same thing just like you but what’s funny is that I wasn’t earning any income from it, plus having a huge credit card bill on my head a lot of stress about my life.

I have left my well-paying job just to make my blog a success and I was sure about it that time. But I am unable to do it after a lot of hard work on it for about one year.

I am going pass teenage hood and I got to plan my life and help in ways I can to contribute to my family expenses. I can’t ask them for money.

All of my childhood friends are earning good packages in their jobs. They always keep talking with their clients about business works and I am only getting calls from credit card recovery team.

You would be thinking that why take such foolish step? How can a person leave his/her job just for the sake of an unpaying blog.

I know that it was my biggest trauma ever, and in this competitive world, no one is going to give me a good job again without experience (it’s possible though).

Then again on the other side, with the rise of numbers of publishers in the Marketing industry, it is not easy now to get the trust of a search engine and get ranked on it.

So, In this article, we are going to know how to stay positive blogging and strategies to increase blog visibility and keep doing it at any cost while it is neutral.

The only thing you need is Patience

In my findings I have come to learn about this phrase and it has helped me alot and that is patience. You will require this ability to make an income from your blog otherwise you could quit anytime.

I write blogs and web content regularly and it doesn’t matter for me now that how much I am frustrated and helpless.

You might be thinking about quitting it and try to get a job. But trust me, If blogging is your hobby, don’t quit it. You have to build up trust in your skills as I do.

One thing is certain and I know for sure my blog gonna be a huge success in near future.

It’s gonna take time and when the times right when you will not be able to get anything from it. And that is a probation period for every blogger.

You should have a great tolerance power to face the failures.

You write 2000 to 3000 words per articles and it doesn’t appear in Googles first page. That doesn’t give you a go ahead to quit.

So, this blog post sole aim is to motivate every blogger who is planning to quit all this messy stuff. I will suggest you some of the things which I am doing these days to survive as well as keeping my blog running.

This is what I do, and it’s helped me earn few bucks and least my blog doing great with this.

Find another source of Income

Yeah you’ve invested alot in your blog and hoping to earn a few bucks.

Truth be told it takes time for a starter who just got his blog running a couple of months ago to start earning money.

You need to find alternate source of money just for the mean time.

Find work which can help raise support for you to run some ads and for promotion.

Write for others

I am currently writing for others. I found some clients who are paying me for writing blogs for them. I am arranging my bills by writing blog posts for other websites. If you are good at writing blog posts or web content, you can do this too.

Prepare a good invitation pitch and send them to people who are looking for content writers.

You can find them on Facebook or other social networks. Once you find two or three clients, you will be able to earn enough money to arrange your daily expenses on your own.

You can give your remaining time to your blog. You would have to write on cheap prices but don’t worry it is just for a little time.

All you have to do seriously is to give full attention to your blog.

Find a Part Time job

Go to famous Job portal sites and make a profile there. Try searching for part-time jobs near your location. You can get work in Malls, Showrooms, Store or anywhere you like to do it. You can also do a full-time job with 2 or 3 holidays per week. This will give you a good income and you will get a good time period to dedicate on your blog.

Motivate Yourself Always

Just create a reboot button in your mind and push it every time you start feeling down and demotivated. Clear your mind from the negative thoughts and think about the success of your blog. Think about seeing tons of peoples coming to your blog daily and loving your content. I know this is a challenging thing for anyone. But you must have a will power to do it effectively.

Promote your blog

Be active on Social Networks

Just present yourself on every social network and show people what you are doing. You can tell your friends to share your articles on their profiles.

Blogging is all about networks so get active on all social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Dribble, Linkedin, Instagram, Tumblr etc.

YouTube is also a very famous platform for everyone to show their talents to everyone.

Try creating a YouTube channel and publish videos related to your blog. Just insert the blog links of the related article in the description.

It is easy to get viral on YouTube, so you can divert YouTube traffic towards your blog easily.

You can also earn from a YouTube channel too. So, try every possible promotion strategy available on the internet

Guest Posting on Blogs

This is the best way to introduce your blog and writing skills to other peoples. When you show your work to others, if they like it then they will definitely come to your blog.

They are difficult to find around the internet. I keep finding the rare website which gives chances to beginners to show up themselves in front of their huge audience.

Just find some websites related to your field and write to them that you want to write for the

Do this thing as much as possible and you will find some people who are ready to give you chance


Now, it’s all up to you. Work as much as you can for your blog and have trust in it and yourself. You must get some difficulties this time. You should have to listen to your family or relatives. But one day when you reach your destination. All the sufferings will be lost.

You can say proudly that time that I have achieved something which is a result of my patience and pains.

If you find this post useful, please share with friends give your feedback about it.

Hi, I'm Henry Obilor, founder of WhyteTips. Whytetps is a knowledge driven hub aim at guiding bloggers to start, grow and scale their blogs to profitable businesses. We provide actionable tips to help you leave a boss free life.

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  1. Hey Henry, I got here from the neilpatel’s blog comment section and read your article, this is quite useful and I am much motivated after reading this, I have also started my own blog but don’t have the patience and ideas to work on. If you anyhow can contact with me to help me, it would be great for me.
    Abhishek Thenua,

    • Thanks Abhi for reaching out to me. Sure I can help you. Find me on facebook at Henry Obilor.

      Thanks for reading🙂

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