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Blog Description: Tips to writing a blog description that drives clicks and Traffic

blog description writing

You ever wondered why pro-bloggers gets lots of click and traffic? Fact is, they work to get everything right. Other than regular optimizing blog post for ranking some certain keywords, building backlinks… they also work on getting the perfect ‘idea blog post description‘ When i say ‘idea’, i mean the best blog description that stands …

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Bounce Rate Optimization: The Definitive Guide (2019)

Bounce Rate Optimization

This is a complete guide to Bounce Rate Optimization (BRO).

In today’s guide you’ll learn:

How to monitor and track bounce rate
How to optimize bounce rate
How to lower bounce rate
What you need to combat high exit rate
Dozens of BRO best practices

In Short: If you want to get more conversions, Lesser Bounce back and New tactics to make your blog lively with more Interactions, you’ll love this new guide.

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Ultimate Guide on WordPress Security from Malware Hacks (2019) – Secure from Hackers

WordPress Security is one crucial parts of every websites, unfortunately bloggers don’t pay close attention to obtain full control over the security of their blog.

If you don’t harden the security aspect of your wordpress blog, Hackers can easily penetrate and attack your blog easily by placing dangerous malware codes.

Let me tell you something

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How to use Google Keyword Planner to Find Low Competitive Keyword perfectly [New Guide]

How to Find Low competitive keywords using keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a free tool provided by Google which is one of the best free keyword tool to explore keyword ideas.

People who cannot purchase the premium tools can use this free tool to research and extract keyword ideas from this Google keyword planner.

So, “how to use the Google keyword planner” in the best way to explore the keyword ideas and to rank those keywords

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